Isanatur Spain

Project Coordinator

Isanatur is a young biotechnology-based company of recent creation with the aim of designing, manufacturing and commercializing healthy food ingredientes and compounds.

The core business activities of Isanatur are:

R&D activities, design, prototyping and demonstration of by-products for obtaining healthy ingredients.
Manufacturing and marketing of innovative healthy ingredients:
Sweeteners that prevent metabolic syndromes, diabetes or obesity.
Functional fibres to regulate intestinal flora and intestinal transit (constipation)
Olive and grape extracts with antioxidant properties, promoting cardiovascular health, prevention of oxidative stress in sport and chronic diseases.

Isanatur will be pioneer in the manufacturing and commercialization of XOS in Europe

Zade Vital

Zade Vital was established in 1888 as a wholesaler. Since 1991, ZADE has evolved as an industrial producer by refining all types of edible vegetable oils.

The mail goal of the company is to give healthy nutritio habits to consumers and help prevent metabolic disorders. Zade is developing supplements and RX drugs in pharmacy faculties’ laboratories and in their own.